Drive Key Business Decisions with CxAnalytics

Make Decisions with Impact

Manufacturing and distribution companies continue to look for new ways to leverage their data to drive high-impact, fact-based decisions. Historically, organizations needed to make significant investments in costly, in-house IT systems, development, and management only to achieve mixed results and limited value. Today, businesses need an analytics platform that integrates all relevant data across the enterprise with role-based intelligence for proactive management, enabling them to accelerate online sales and market share growth and improve product and inventory management decisions.

Gain Valuable Insights that Propel the Business Forward

PhaseZero’s CxAnalytics is a validated, pre-built analytics dashboard and comprehensive data-as-a-service solution that provides business leaders with the insights they need to improve productivity, mitigate risk, and serve their customers better.
The CxAnalytics Difference


CxAnalytics comes pre-integrated with CxCommerce and builds on PhaseZero’s portfolio of pre-built data connectors to integrate all relevant data sources, including: industry-leading part catalog systems; inventory management systems; finance and order management systems; global shipment carriers; sales tax applications; payment management systems; and digital and search engine analytics sources that enable comprehensive insights across the business.

Pre-Packaged Best Practices

Business users benefit from manufacturing and distribution analytic best practices and the industry-leading capabilities of the embedded Microsoft Power BI user interface.


Sophisticated and automated flows extract and ingest data, modeled with clear structure and naming prepped for analysis, into an authoritative data platform providing scalable and secure access to current data.


The pre-built turn-key solution is hosted in the cloud minimizing or eliminating dependency on costly in-house IT resources and management.

AI and Analytics-Driven

CxAnalytics, in concert with CxCommerce, delivers on the promise of providing “AI and Analytics Driven Digital Commerce” solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies.

AI and Analytics-Driven Digital Commerce

With CxAnalytics, you’ll benefit from a validated, pre-built analytics dashboard and comprehensive data-as-a-service solution that integrates data across your enterprise for proactive management of key business decisions.
Pre-built, Validated Dashboard
Gain insights that improve sales, customer relationships, and part inventory management
Comprehensive Data, Out-of-the-Box
Benefit from pre-integrated data sources including platform, site, and ERP systems
Sophisticated Data Flows
Ensure authoritative and current data
Robust Data Modeling
Data is prepped and ready for analysis
Scalable and Secure Access
Gain access to data from any platform
Cloud-Native Environment
Reduce or eliminate costly IT resources

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