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Experience the Future of B2B and B2C Global Customer Experience with PhaseZero's CxCommerce


PhaseZero brings a proven Silicon Valley approach to deliver a B2B and B2C digital commerce solution to manage your global parts and services business with the "Time to First Order" in weeks instead of custom building your e-Commerce solution using the tool-kit approach. From easy parts searching to painless return management, CxCommerce gives you everything you need to create a world-class customer experience.


To survive and grow in today’s complex global market, companies in every industry must become digital businesses.

PhaseZero products and services harness the power of digital 2.0 cloud-based technology to improve your products, customer experience, and e-Commerce.

Our B2B and B2C e-Commerce solution provides an unmatched customer experience with a powerfully simple and intuitive user interface.

CxCommerce Features

From easy parts searching to painless return management, CxCommerce gives you everything you need to create a world-class customer experience.

Smart Part Search

With PhaseZero’s smart search solutions, your customers find the parts they need quickly and easily.

Real-Time Inventory Availability

Check inventory in real-time and provide customers accurate estimates on when parts will be ready to ship.

Customer-Specific Pricing

CxCommerce allows you to control how prices are set based on order types and quantities.

Intuitive Customer Self-Service

Empower customers to check on orders whenever it's convenient for them.

Streamlined Order Management

Order parts easily with simple checkout and automated confirmation emails.

Painless Returns Management

If a customer is unhappy with their order, a simple, transparent returns process can still be a positive part of their purchase journey.

User Management

Manage the roles, responsibilities, and authorization of user profiles, as well as allow customers to set how they receive order updates.

Smart Promotions Management

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Help your customers take advantage of special offerings with our advanced Promotion Management feature.

Digital Content Management

Easily review data related to your customers' accounts and gain valuable insights to make their experiences even better.

Real-Time Commerce

Participate in the API economy and allow customers to integrate your platform into their applications seamlessly.

B2B And B2C Customer Analytics

Easily view data related to your customers' accounts and gain valuable insights to make their experiences even better.

Global, Multi-Market Platform

Engage with the global economy and reach potential customers in fast-growing international markets.

Make Your Business Stand Out

Our global customer experience management platform differentiates your business with an easy, consumer-like online experience that delights your customer.

Everything Your e-Commerce Needs

PhaseZero’s platform includes everything from advanced smart search functionality and bulk pricing to easy returns management, user account management, and more.

Accelerate Your Digital Business Journey