" At PhaseZero, we relentlessly pursue making progress in everything we do every day."

We are looking for a few passionate “Zebras” to grow with us!

We call our team members Zebras because they dare to be different. That’s what makes us outstanding.

/zebra/, noun
a professional who, with the requisite conviction and passion, dares to be different

As an early-stage startup growing at fast pace, we have multiple roles open. We are looking for leaders at all levels who have the hunger to work with some of the smartest people, who are driven by a sense of purpose, and who wish to leave a legacy in their respective domains and among their professional fraternity.

We are not just building products or platforms, but rather building digital ecosystems connected through intelligent technology that can change the face of the industrial and automotive companies on the e-commerce world.

The work you do would impact real business and has the potential to bring change to a global market.