Product Manager (Enterprise Software), B2B & B2C E-Commerce & Unified Customer Experience SaaS Platform

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PhaseZero Differentiation

PhaseZero is a Cloud 2.0, unified digital commerce, and customer experience management platform company with global offices in San Francisco Bay Area and Bangalore. Our SaaS products and technology platforms are built with cloud native, multi-tenant and micro-services architecture and designed to operate in multiple cloud infrastructures. PhaseZero products and technologies help our customers accelerate their digital sales with our industry leading turnkey SaaS solutions to manage their global B2B, B2C and B2E e-commerce and customer experience needs. PhaseZero CxCommerce™ digital commerce and customer experience solution is recognized as the “Top 10 Tech Solution Providers for E-Commerce – 2019” by “The Retail CIO Outlook” magazine. Customers – small, medium, and large – are using PhaseZero SaaS platform to manage hundreds of millions of dollars digital commerce sales with thousands of customers. Global Fortune 500 companies such as Dana Corporation ( and multiple distributor groups including VIPAR ( standardized their digital commerce platforms powered by PhaseZero CxCommerce™ solutions.

PhaseZero Core Values

At PhaseZero, we are building a great company that is laser focused on the following core values:

  1. Customer Experience and Success: Our relentless focus and unwavering commitment to ensure successful outcomes for our customers
  2. Innovation: Our passion to deliver best products built on industry leading technology platforms with continuous improvement of our internal and external processes and collaborations
  3. Partnership: We believe in win-win partnerships and strive to create value and scaling with our partner eco-system
  4. Positive Attitude: We approach everything we do every day with a positive mindset
  5. Teamwork: Our culture and foundation are built on the core principle that none of us are as smart as all of us

Product Management at PhaseZero,

is a career with an entrepreneurial exploration blended with strategic customer interactions to define, develop and deliver innovative cloud and enterprise SasS solutions targeting Global 1000 companies. Our product manager is an entrepreneur with the passion to innovate at the intersection of the awesome technologies, customer partnerships, and the focus to exploit market opportunities and deliver industry-leading enterprise software products. Our product manager walks the talk with the company philosophy “none of us is as smart as all of us” every day in every thing we do. Our product manager collaborates with our customers, customer’s customers, UX and UI designers, mobile and cloud apps development engineers, quality assurance and testing teams, and the DevOps teams in all phases including ideation/concept, design/development, product launch stage, successful customer adoption and business growth stages.

As our product manager, you will help realize the founder’s vision with your intellectual curiosity shaped from 5-10 years of enterprise software experience in product management, product development or technology/business consulting role. You have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science discipline from a leading academic institution. You will have mastered the art of partnering with strategic customers as a good listener and influencer. You have the experience and passion to define and deliver enterprise software solutions leveraging search, analytics, modern user-experience, web services based integration to widely deployed enterprise back-end systems, cloud/SaaS based delivery models, and global development teams.

You love to travel and actively collaborate with our strategic customers at this early stage of developing an industry leading SaaS solution.

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Job Location: Los Altos CA

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