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7 Customer Journey Steps for Manufacturers

Transforming raw material into unique products is complex. But between a long chain of distributors and retailers and complex sales cycles, getting the product into the hands of consumers can be even more challenging.


CX Journey Steps

1 Search & Find

Manufacturers with large product catalogs need to arm their customers and end users with enough information while providing an easy-to-use digital experience that allows all users to find their best-fit products quickly. Manufacturers must also enable their channel partners to programmatically update their sites and systems in real-time using web services.

2 Inventory, Pricing, Where to Buy

After customers find the best products, it’s important to provide them with availability, pricing, and “where to buy.”

3 Order Management

Manufacturers need a B2B order management solution that meets the needs of their complex business processes which includes taking orders online, over the phone, or in-person and tracking complex business arrangements including different sold-to, ship-to, and bill-to entities.

4 Fulfillment & Delivery

The internal systems and staff responsible for fulfillment need accurate order information, while customers need visibility into order and shipment status with integrations to all the major shipping carriers.

5 Service & Installation

After delivery, manufacturers need to delight customers and end users with any necessary training and instructions to ensure successful installation and use of their products.

6 Returns & Warranty

Part of a product’s value is the warranty. And warranties must be clearly communicated if a claim is made. Manufacturers also want to make the return process easy for end users and customers to decrease the cost of processing.

7 Loyalty Management

More than ever before, manufacturers must establish a relationship with end users to understand their needs and ensure they are successfully using the product so they come back to purchase more. This can be automated through the collection and analysis of data from connected devices.

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