PhaseZero's CxCommerce

Power Your Digital Transformation with CxCommerce

Stay Ahead of Customer Expectations

As a leading manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, you must take action now to transform your digital customer experience to deliver what today’s - and tomorrow’s - customers expect. And to do so, you need a single, integrated platform that allows you to strengthen the connection between customers, distributors, and suppliers and enable employees and customers to work together in ways they never have before.

Accelerate Digital Sales with a Unified, Digital Customer Experience

PhaseZero’s modern, AI-powered CxCommerce platform blends cutting-edge, cloud-based technology with an industry-leading digital experience, enabling the delivery of new business models that fuel growth and new possibilities to expand customer service and loyalty. With CxCommerceTM, you’ll fast-track your results through a full solution, implementation, and best practices approach that mitigates risks, reduces costs, and accelerates time to market.
The CxCommerceTM Difference

Turnkey, not toolbox

Quickly and easily stand up a modern, customized, integrated eCommerce platform in a matter of weeks, shortening the time to first sale.


CxCommerceTM is infused with industry best practices based on input from leading manufacturing and distribution experts.


Connect CxCommerceTM with existing solutions using a shared services/integration layer, no custom development required.


CxCommerce’s common digital infrastructure enables delivery of cost-effective upgrades and continuous innovation.

Create a World-Class CX Journey

With CxCommerceTM, you’ll benefit from an integrated, intuitive, SaaS-based eCommerce platform uniquely designed to deliver the digital CX journey today’s customers expect.

Storefront Design

Provide your customers and visitors with a modern, intuitive, thoughtfully designed shopping experience that helps them find what they need so they come back for more.
Unified Site Management
Provide the flexibility regions or brands need to tailor and localize their storefronts to their target markets while maintaining compliance with regulations under a single instance.
Smart Search
Ensure visitors find the products they need using powerful keyword search, faceted search, YMME, filtering, and sorting by popularity, relevance, or alphabetical order. Analyze customer search terms to improve product descriptions and optimize conversion with dictionary synonyms.
Storefront Conversion
Convert visitors into customers with a streamlined customer experience tailored to your unique business needs.
Create and manage promotions and advertisements to clear out inventory of obsolete products with template-based promotion management. Review recommended promotions based on business rules.
User Personalization
Delight your customers with a tailored experience based on their requirements, needs, and preferences.


Unlock more sales with an eCommerce solution designed for B2B businesses that have unique and often complex commercial terms.
Streamline Order Management

Manage complex B2B commercial terms including pricing, shipping, and billing with proven, real-time integrations with ERP and other back-office systems.

Customer Specific Pricing

Set pricing based on rules and control who can view pricing.

Intuitive Customer Self-Service
Send order and shipment status notifications via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. All stakeholders can receive notifications whether they are the sold-to, shipped-to, or bill-to party.
Integrated Learning Management
Empower your customers with service, installation, and product usage knowledge and training.
Painless Returns Management

Make returns simple for your customers while ensuring they comply with your warranty policy all online in a self-service manner.

Headless Commerce

Leverage public APIs and web services that allow your customers to integrate directly and seamlessly with your eCommerce microservices.
Integrating with existing systems doesn’t need to be difficult. A modern customer experience requires a modern integration framework.
Cross-Channel Commerce
Enable your partners and serve your joint customers better with streamlined system coordination
Real-Time Inventory Availability
Use web services to share or gain access to inventory with internal systems and partners, ensuring your customers always know what’s available, where it’s located, and when it will ship.
Supply chain partners need to work together to take care of the end consumer. One way to ensure this collaboration is through deep linking of product content from manufacturers to distributors and retailers so all parties have synchronized product content.
Governance and Compliance

Centralize the administration of worldwide instances supporting multiple tenants; Ensure governance in a centralized and controlled manner. Achieve economies of scale and reduce the risk of data privacy litigation and cyber attacks. Manage your customer information while adhering to privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR and SOC requirements.

Are you ready to fast-track your digital transformation?