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Record & Analyze Important Data with Rhombus Analytics

Don’t Spin Your Wheels Managing Your Tires

Turn unpredictable tire issues into no issue at all.

Maximize Your Tires
with Rhombus TireAnalytics

Rhombus TireAnalytics Value Propositions

Reduce Beakdowns and Blowouts
Increase Tire Life
Identify Issues in Real Time
Make Informed Management and Purchase Decisions
Hone the Tire
Maintenance Process
Proactively Mitigate Over-The-Road Repairs

Tires Equal Money

How do you get the most out of yours?

Unit 966 in Jackson shop.
Different tire since last inspection.

Unit 267 in Flint Shop.
Tire pressure repeated underinflated.

Unit 14 in Erie Shop.
Rotation due inner/outer.

Rhombus TireAnalytics gives you the tools to:

Keep Tires Healthy

Reduce Breakdowns

Predict Performance

Make Informed Tire Purchases

Reporting & Analytics

At-a-glance reports for current trend, PSI, and historical data

Lifecycle Management

Alerts indicate issues before the truck leaves the shop

Cloud Features

Immediate visibility across all locations

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