Betts Truck Parts & Service grew revenue by 400% after its digital transformation with PhaseZero’s CxCommerce™.

Los Altos, CA, June 13, 2022 – After a problematic attempt to implement other software, Betts Truck Parts & Service decided to go with the PhaseZero CxCommerce™ solution, a choice that allowed them to increase their monthly digital commerce revenue by up to 4 times over the previous system in just a few months. A true digital revolution for the company.

PhaseZero’s CxCommerce™ is a digital commerce platform developed specifically for the heavy-duty transportation and automotive aftermarket industry. It enabled Betts Truck Parts & Service’s digital transformation through five key factors:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Real-time product availability
  3. Detailed parts search
  4. Customized part listings


“In addition to customers using the solution, our sales team is enthusiastic about their own success.  If we’re going to work 8 to 10 hours, what’s the best use of that time? Is it spending 27 minutes sitting on the side of the road placing an order? If I can do it in 3 minutes or the customer can do it, what can I do with those 27 minutes? Can I make another prospecting call or do a walk-through with another customer? If we get it right with all our tools like PhaseZero and our CRM, then all of a sudden, we are more productive. I’d rather use our existing team more effectively than constantly adding new people,” stated Bill Betts, President of the company.

The goal of Betts Truck Parts & Service’s digital sales transformation was to implement a digital portal that would allow its customers to order online, entering the e-commerce model in a robust way. But the first experience, with the previous platform, was difficult and adoption was low.

“The former platform did not integrate easily with our business systems to show real-time product availability or customer-specific pricing. Both customers and sales staff did not enjoy using this platform,” Betts recalled.

“PhaseZero’s CxCommerce solutions bring sophisticated digital commerce technologies to Betts Truck Parts & Service’s customers, ” stated Ram ChandraSekar, Founder and CEO of PhaseZero.  At PhaseZero we understand that our clients serve a wide range of customer types across different facets of the business and that it is important to ensure that they provide a smooth and convenient experience to every one of them.”

“The ‘Customer Journey’ in CxCommerce is made up of seven simple, quick and efficient steps: Search & Find, Inventory, Pricing, Where-To-Buy, Order Management, Fulfillment & Delivery, Service & Installation; Returns & Warranty, and Loyalty Management; and the ‘Customer Types’ contemplates five types of target customers for whom this CxCommerce e-commerce digital sales platform is designed, which are: OEMs, Distributors, Retailers, Installers, Consumers, and Employees.  PhaseZero’s CxCommerce™ provides the digital technology platform to create an efficient and world-class full lifecycle experience for all customer types, geographies, and product lines”, added ChandraSekar.


Drivers of change

The implementation of PhaseZero’s CxCommerce™ solved Betts Truck Parts & Service’s challenges through five factors.

PhaseZero’s CxCommerce™ is easily integrated with Betts Truck Parts & Service’s business systems to provide real-time parts availability. Customers need to know if a product is in stock and when it will arrive. The addition of this self-service feature eliminated the need for phone calls.

Another factor was the ease of use of the platform, which allowed for much greater adoption by the sales team and customers. The sales team schedules demonstrations with customers to teach them how to place their first order on the website. “After placing their first order, 75% of Betts Truck Parts & Service’s customers placed a second order online,” the executive said.

A third element was to make finding the right part less of a challenge. Searching was made easier for both customers and employees by integrating an advanced catalog.

The fourth step was the creation of customized lists of frequently ordered parts or parts that are compatible with customers’ fleets to make online ordering even faster and simpler for customers.

Finally, processes were optimized. Now, processing an order online costs about one-third of what it costs Betts Truck Parts & Service to take and process an order in person. The digital channels operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing Betts Truck Parts & Service to reach second and third-shift customers who work outside their regular hours.

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About Betts Truck Parts & Service

Since 1868, Betts Company has evolved from humble beginnings as the first spring manufacturer west of the Mississippi into a diversified operation serving heavy haul trucking, the automotive aftermarket, and other industrial sectors.

Today, Betts proudly serves the transportation and other industrial markets through its three business units: Betts Spring Manufacturing, Betts Truck Parts & Service, and BettsHD.