PhaseZero Announces CxCommerce™

A Global B2B and B2C E-Commerce Cloud Platform that Accelerates Digital Transformation for Industrial and Automotive Companies

CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla.Oct. 1, 2018– PhaseZero Ventures, a digital transformation and enterprise Software-as-a-Service firm, announced the release of CxCommerce™ 4.0, its global B2B and B2C e-commerce cloud platform featuring comprehensive customer experience management capabilities to deliver digital commerce outcomes for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retail organizations, service shops, and fleet maintenance operations. This announcement was made at the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) Technology Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

PhaseZero CxCommerce™ delivers powerful customer experiences to industrial and automotive businesses by integrating Silicon Valley expertise and cutting-edge technology with B2B and B2C e-commerce features.

“PhaseZero provides a proven Silicon Valley approach to accelerating digital transformations for aftermarket businesses,” said Ram ChandraSekar, Founder & CEO of PhaseZero Ventures. “We recognize the need to integrate with legacy systems to deliver modern, digital customer experiences that attract and retain top talent from incoming generations as well as power users with decades of industry experience.”

PhaseZero CxCommerce™ platform highlights:

  • Smart Part Search – Allows users to locate parts quickly with a modern user interface through automotive year-make-model search, serial number search, comprehensive interchange search, and advanced filtering to narrow down search results.
  • Real-Time Inventory – Delivers visibility into the availability of finished goods and bulk goods from global warehouses, logistic centers, and configured-to-order, built-to-order, and direct-ship parts inventories from global manufacturing plants with best possible lead times.
  • Customer-Specific Pricing – Provides access to parts pricing based on catalog, market, line-of-business, stock, or emergency order types, volumes, or revenue levels of B2B and B2C customers and users.
  • Intuitive Customer Self-Service – Empowers both internal and external organizations, customers, and users to search, find, and analyze order details, invoice details, packing slips, and multiple other documents in real time to manage and resolve operational issues.
  • Real-Time Order Management – Supports multiple order types, including stock order, emergency or truck-down order, shop order, etc., providing real-time integration with global ERP and warehouse order management systems.
  • User Account and Profile Management – Enables enterprise-scale support for users, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and shop users. Manages the roles, responsibilities, and authorization of user profiles and allows customers to set how they receive order updates.
  • Smart Promotions Management – Enables collaboration across internal and external organizations to analyze past promotions, and plan, review, approve, communicate, and execute future ones to achieve business and operational goals.
  • Digital Content Management – Delivers seamless integration to organize, edit, and share digital assets using intuitive software that simplifies digital content management.
  • B2B and B2C Customer Analytics – Provides valuable insights and enables marketing, sales, and product teams to efficiently plan and execute customer, product, and market-specific digital strategies with seamlessly integrated SEO and advanced user and customer analytics capabilities.
  • Global, Multi-Market Platform – Helps manage global business units with market-specific product catalogs, inventories, and availability of parts, customer pricing, order management, SEO, where-to-buy maps, customer and user analytics, targeted incentives, and promotions to drive global business goals with localized, market-specific customer experiences.

“The PhaseZero CxCommerce™ platform delivers mobile-responsive user experiences with seamless integration of customer interactions for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, service shops, and fleet maintenance managers. Our customers need an approach to accelerate and deliver digital customer experiences by integrating their legacy ERP, part catalogs, warehouse, and supplier inventory systems through cloud technologies,” added Chandrasekar. “At PhaseZero, our commitments include not just delivering e-commerce software innovations but more importantly partnering to stay engaged with our customers to ensure successful outcomes through their digital journeys.”

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PhaseZero Ventures is a cloud 2.0, enterprise Software-as-a-Service B2B and B2C e-commerce software company and the premier digital business execution partner for industrial manufacturing companies. PhaseZero helps transform companies’ investments in sensors, IoT, and Big Data into successful digital businesses with annual recurring revenue, Software-as-a-Service solution offerings. PhaseZero brings together Silicon Valley DNA, culture, and digital thought leadership to transform people, processes, and technology by identifying, developing, operating, and growing digital and software businesses for industrial and manufacturing companies. For more information, visit

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