Exceed your shopper experience expectations at all stages of the customer journey

7 Customer Journey Steps for Distributors

Traditional buying experiences fall short of modern buyer expectations. PhaseZero empowers your team to build sleek site designs for large catalogs, with customer and pricing segmentation down to the SKU level, to manage all seven phases of the customer experience journey.


CX Journey Steps

1 Search and Find

Distributors need to ensure their staff and customers have all the product information they need, right at their fingertips. Distributors need a modern, online commerce system that is easy to navigate, making it quick to find exactly what they need.

2 Inventory & Pricing

After customers find the products they need, it’s important to provide them with information related to availability and pricing.

3 Order Management

Distributors need an order management solution that can be used by anyone, customers or staff, and provides customers with their full order history online, decreasing unnecessary service calls.

4 Fulfillment & Delivery

The internal systems and staff responsible for fulfillment need accurate order information, while customers need visibility into order and shipment status with integrations to all the major shipping carriers.

5 Service & Installation

Distributors know how end users should use their products to realize the greatest value. By providing staff and customers with the necessary multimedia instructions, distributors can ensure the successful installation and optimal use of their products.

6 Returns & Warranty

Distributors need to ensure their customers know what their warranty policy is and how to streamline the return process to decrease the total cost of support.

7 Loyalty Management

More than ever before, distributors must establish an online, digitally-enhanced relationship with their customers. To do so, they need analytics that anticipate customer needs and provide purchase recommendations to build loyalty and increase sales.

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