UNIFIED INVENTORY EXPERIENCE for Manufacturers and Distributors

There are many benefits to a unified inventory experience on a cloud-based, composable SaaS e-commerce platform.  A single interface for immediate access to part and product availability across all manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse sites managed by different inventory and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enhances both the operational efficiency for the business and the overall experience for the customers.

Imagine operating your business with:

  • Improved inventory availability stock levels are updated in real-time across all channels, reducing overselling or underselling of products.

  • Streamlined processes and automation – a unified system reduces the complexity of managing multiple inventories across different platforms and can automate tasks such as reordering stock when levels fall below a particular threshold.

  • More effective cost management capabilities managing inventory levels based on accurate data can reduce costs associated with holding excess stock and automation can minimize errors which occur with manual inventory management.  

  • Enhanced security a unified system reduces the risk of data discrepancies and allows for better control over who has access to inventory data, reducing the risk of fraud. 

Also imagine offering your customers and business partners:

  • A seamless self-service shopping journeyimmediate visibility to product availability across all product lines, brands, markets, and locations across various channels (online, in-store, mobile apps) leads to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

PhaseZero’s CxCommerce platform eliminates complexity.  The unified inventory solution provides a single interface connected to all inventory sources with immediate visibility across product lines and locations.  The secure, scalable, global cloud-based solution is built specifically for manufacturers and distributors and PhaseZero has the experience and expertise to help you simplify your inventory management processes in weeks, not months.

Take action to enhance the operational efficiency of your business and improve customer satisfaction.

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