UNIFIED ORDER MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Drive Growth and Optimize Operations

Unified order management integrates order processing and fulfillment across multiple sales channels including online stores as well as physical store locations.  How you implement unified order management is critical to your business success – especially if you are a Manufacturer or Distributor.

  • Can a single interface be used to order across multiple brands, product lines, and inventory locations globally?

  • Can you correctly price products for each customer and order, including applying promotions and volume discount pricing where applicable?

  • Are AI tools integrated into your ordering platform to enable users to find products easier and increase average order value (AOV) with AI-generated product suggestions?

  • Does your platform provide advanced analytics with insights to increase opportunities? 

If you have not deployed a modern, composable eCommerce SaaS solution that provides unified order management your business is not taking advantage of:  

  • Streamlined Operations: Consolidating orders from multiple sales channels streamlines order processing and fulfillment operations.  Manual intervention is reduced, errors are minimized.

  • Centralized Customer Data: Unified order management enables a centralized database of customer information including order history, preferences, and more.  Personalized marketing can be better leveraged as you increase your understanding of customer behavior.

  • RealTime Inventory Visibility: With unified order management you get real-time inventory visibility across all channels.  Accurate inventory management is facilitated, the risk of stockouts or overstocking is reduced, and overall inventory turnover is improved.

  • Efficient Order Routing: Automatically route orders to the most appropriate fulfillment center based on factors like availability, proximity to the customer, and shipping preferences.  Fulfillment operations are optimized, and shipping costs and delivery times can be reduced.

  • Unified Reporting and Analytics: Consolidating order data from multiple channels enables better insight into sales performance, customer behavior, and inventory trends.  Data-driven decision-making helps better identify opportunities for growth.

  • Improved Customer Experience: Ensure a seamless experience across all sales channels regardless of how users choose to interact with your business.

PhaseZero ensures you deliver a unified order management experience that eradicates redundance throughout your operations and improves customer satisfaction.

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