Unified Search and Catalog Experience: Generative AI Delivers More Efficient Search

To grow sales and remain competitive, Manufacturers and Distributors need to take advantage of the latest eCommerce unified search and catalog capabilities to ensure they are delivering superior shopping experiences, improving operational efficiency, and driving business growth.

Generative AI-powered technologies are changing everything from how users search for products to how content is generated. Several benefits of Generative AI (Gen-AI) include:

  • Personalized Recommendations: Analyzing customer data and preferences to deliver personalized product recommendations.
  • Visual Search Images: Enabling search for products using images instead of text.
  • Natural Language Processing: Understanding and interpreting natural language queries to provide more accurate search results.
  • Content Generation: Automatically creating product descriptions.

The results of deploying Gen-AI in unified search and catalog functionality range from increasing sales through targeted marketing and upselling to enabling customers to find visually similar products quickly.  Content creation automation streamlines the content creation process, saves time, and ensures consistency across channels and markets.  Additionally, Gen-AI algorithms can analyze historical data to help predict trends in product demand and customer behavior, enabling optimization of business operations.

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